What is college? Times are changing.

How many times is the question asked? 

“What is college?  How is it going to help me.  There are PhDs working fast food jobs.  There are college graduates who can’t even find a job.  Some college graduates make less than some people I know.  Why should I go?  Why waste my time?  I know where I can get a good job without a college degree.”

Do you define college as traditional or nontraditional?    What is your opinion as a student?  What is your opinion as an educator?   What is your perception of  “go to college”? Who thinks of dormitories when they think of colleges.  Think about it.  When it is time to return to school; visit Target or Wal-Mart.  How many parents and High School Graduates are discussing coffee pots, toasters, microwaves, pillows, comforters, alarm clocks, and other essential items to make dorm living comfortable.  How many parents are buying or cosigning vehicle purchases to ensure their  “child”  travels safely back and forth.  How many parents are taking second jobs and reducing their household budget to accommodate their up and coming college graduate.  How many parents are bragging “this is the first to go to college in my family”.  How many parents are bragging “all my children will go to college”. 

What about the nontraditional student?  They have a family.  They may be married.  They may manage a single parent household. The may have school age children.   They may be caring for a parent or someone. They may be the sole breadwinner in that household.   Students may be on Temporary Assistance For Need Families.  They may have recently divorced.  They may choose college to get out of a bad situation.  They may choose college as their only option.    

Does college mean you live on campus?  Does it mean you go to school everyday?   Does it mean you must attend college a minimum of 4 years to receive a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Does going to college mean you receive grants?  Does going to college mean you get tuition assistance automatically?

Does going to college mean you receive perks?

What is college?   Are the colleges of today transforming to meet the needs of society and to benefit employers? 

Don’t get frustrated.  Frustration leads to anger; and less is accomplished.


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