Tsunami in the workplace


Is the Tsunami 24/7 or is it just a wave; going back and forth.  Can we just work together to get the job done or do we need to be friends to get it done? 

Why all the drama?  Why the chaos?   Why we smiling each other and stabbing at the same time?  Oh no!  I forgot to say forget the knife we are using swords.  Just call us “Followers of the Highlander”.   We don’t want the jugular.  We want your head.

The workplace can be vicious.  Cliques,  nosers, wannabees, and the harassed all trying to stay employed.  Oh the big, the tall, the skinny; and let’s not forget the who you know. 

You have  longevity; but the other person is always in the boss’s face.  You understand the task; but the other downplays your knowledge.  You bring your lunch; but the other constantly treats your friends.  You take a break; but they all sit together.  You can talk; but they leave you out.  You are free to tag along; but, they don’t invite you.

You thought you had a great day; but they reported you for no reason.  You tried to work with others; but they said you are not a team player.  You are their senior; but they downplay your supervisory skills.

You want to fit in; but they don’t want you.  Oh my; but, you’re a team trying to meet a quota.  Is it one sword at your head?  Don’t watch your back.  Your head is gone.

 After all; what do you expect?  Everyone is trying to be the next supervisor.  Why did you put your guard down?

Anger leads to frustration.  Visit and vent.


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