Where does it say essay writing is easy?

Writing a college essay can be perceived as an adventure.  Imagine the power of a pen.  At your fingertips; it can take you places you never imagined going.

Choose a college essay topic.  What is important about that topic?   Why did you choose that topic?   What do you want the reader to grasp from your writing?  What do you want to share with your readers?   Did you answer your key question?  Was there a hypothesis?

How did finding this information make you feel?  Were you confident in preparing your college essay   Did you understand the required format?  Did you understand the instructions?  Think of it as a roadmap.  You’re headed to a destination.  You make decisions along the way to reach your target.  Your paper is the same.  You are headed towards a completion and submission.  Were you able to cite?  Did you feel that you were on an adventure? 

You have to be motivated to prepare a great college essay paper.  You need to be interested.  You need to get help or seek guidance if you are lost.  Getting lost is no different than stopping at the nearest gas station because you took a wrong turn.

You need to revise and review.  You do the same on a trip or adventure.  You have a plan and you change it.  What do you want to see?  Where do you want to go?  What did you miss on your vacation?  Did  you have to stop and  change your plans?    Did  your efforts improve your outcome?

Your adventure is over.  Was it worth the trip?  Would you do it again?  Was your paper worthy?  Did you get an awesome grade?  Would you prepare your essay or research paper again?      Congratulations.    If you missed the mark; you have options.  It is beneficial to your skills to prepare your paper from scratch.  If it is not in the cards for you; visit   http://www.AwesomePapersAwesomeResearch.info    Your college essay is a great adventure that will be repeated throughout your college years.   Don’t get frustrated.  Frustration leads to anger which can distort your thinking and preparation time.  Get ready!  Success is the best revenge.  Get the grade you deserve.


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