Research Paper Preparation – Ingredients!

Your research paper is due.  Is it ready?   How did you complete the task?  Have you chosen a topic?   Have you selected an issue?  Do you understand the concept behind your topic?  Is your topic derived from a certain subject which falls under a certain discipline?

What strategy did you implement to ensure you had a working knowledge of your topic?  What discipline is your topic? Is there a question or hypothesis resulting from your topic?   Do you need to narrow your topic?   Do you need to disect it to make sense?  

What point are you trying to make with your research paper?  Is your research paper analytical?  Is your research paper argumentative?  Are you opinionated?  Is there an opposing view?   Are you taking a stand?  What is your research paper’s objective?

Are you brainstorming?  Does the purpose of your paper need clarity?  Do you need to get with your professor or instructor for further exploration before you begin collecting your information.   Do you know what you’re seeking to prove or disprove? 

Is their an abundance of information available on your subject?  Do you know how to access this information?  Do you understand keywords for your research paper?  What other sources and resources will you use to collect information?  Do you know what information is valid?  Do you know if this information is credible?   Are you relying on informative websites?   There is so much information on webistes.  What do you do? Are you using books as a resource?  Are you using articles?   Are you selecting magazines?  Are you researching journals?  Are you visiting your local library?    Are you using the card catalog?  What about databases?  Are you evaluating  this information?  Do you understand quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing?   Do you understand plagiarism?   Do you know how to cite?

You have a topic for your research paper.  You have a deadline date for submission of your paper.  You need to begin your search to access the necessary information to complete your assigned written task.    You need to prepare an outline.    You need to write.

Yes, you have a lot of work ahead of you.   You may become anxious.  You may feel overwhelmed.  You may feel frustrated.  Your frustration could lead to anger.  Anger hinders a successful completiion which could have an impact on your grade.  Don’t procrastinate.  Success is the best revenge.  Get it done or get the help you need to complete the assignment.      DO YOU KNOW THE FIRST INGREDIENT?


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