The Boss Got Fired and Rehired.

OMG!  You thought it was over.  You began to come to work on time.  You thought this may be the place you want to retire from.  You felt you had paid your dues in the workplace. Yet, no respect.  The boss did not earn his position.  He had been hired because of who he knew.  He did not work as hard as you.  He did not know as much as you.  He was always asking for help.  He would send his staff to you to solve their problems.  His title said leader.  His position indicated “in charge.”  When it came to recognition in the workplace; he was always treated to lunch. He received the freebies.  He was rewarded with the perks.

Why hire him back?  He knew nothing then; and he knows less now.  You thought his crap was over.  What is your value to the company?  Do you matter?

All you can think about is quitting.  Walking out.  Teach them a lesson.  Just do it.  You know they can’t do what you do.  You know your departure will hurt the company’s job performance.  You know people may lose their jobs or be on the chopping block.  What do you care?  You’re tired of the nonsense.

You’re so frustrated.  You feel alone.  You feel angry.  What should you do?

Remember frustration leads to anger.  Don’t get mad; get revenge through your success in the workplace.  Be professional.  Ensure the boss knows and acknowledges what you do.  Followup to remind him that you’re interested in getting promoted and other opportunities in the workplace.  Make your voice heard in a positive manner.  Make your presence known. Document what you do.  Keep the lines of communication open with your boss. 

Yes, the boss is back.  You never left.  You have never been on the bubble. 
Don’t let anger put you there.  Success is the best revenge.  Do well in the workplace.  Work harmoniously.  Grow professionally.


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