Cutthroat competition – grant money for nonprofit organizations?

The mission of the nonprofit organization is to make a difference through programs and services at no fee or low fee.  The nonprofit’s goal is not to profit.  The nonprofit organizations exist for a specific purpose.  A nonprofit organization survives from grant awards, donations, and fundraisers.   Nonprofits need funding, sources,  and resources allocated through  contributions and awards continuously.

Nonprofits must strategize to survive.  A nonprofit is a true cutthroat.  A cut throat can be identified as a  highly competitive person or organization.    Hello!   Nonprofits are competitive.   Grant solicitations, grant announcements, funding announcement, funding opportunity,  RFP – Request For Proposal, SGA – Solicitation Grant Announcement;  they all mean it’s time to compete.  Dog eat dog.  Be the one who gets funded.

Yes, nonprofits care deeply.  Nonprofit organizations are committed 24/7.  Nonprofits go above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference.  The Bottom Line is “NONPROFITS NEED GRANTS.”  Nonprofits need to make a living while making a difference.   A nonprofit has to strategize.  A nonprofit has to know its’ competition.  A nonprofit has conduct a comparison/contrast  to justify why they are the better agency to get funded.  A nonprofit organization is serving the same population; yet, they have to outsmart the competitive agencies to be the one to get  funded.  The other agency may need staff, equipment, transportation; including a building.    The competing agencies may not be concerned with the plight of the agency that has nothing  The competing agencies may use the other agencies deficiencies to justify their getting funded and the other agency being denied any funding.  Agencies may need letters of support or letters of agreement to submit with their proposals.   These competitive agencies may attempt to receive favor among partners to ensure they receive the letters.  Their efforts may hinder or block competitive agencies from receiving the letters required.

The nonprofit has to write a proposal to outshine its’ competitor.  The nonprofit organization may attend events with competitive nonprofits.  The nonprofit may serve the same target group or provide services in the same target area.  But when it comes to submitting grant proposals for the award; the nonprofit is cutthroat in competition.  This grant may be needed to save the organization.  This grant may be desperately needed to provide a service.  This grant may be needed save a community.  This grant may be needed to save a life.  This grant may be needed for education.  This grant may have a positive effect on families.  This grant announcement causes the competitiveness among nonprofits to become cutthroat in their strategies.

Agencies have to write the right way or they lose out on funding.  The power of the pen is not passive.  The strength is in the manner the proposal is written, perceived, and justified.

Agencies competing for a grant.  Are you getting frustrated?  Is your proposal weak?  Are you missing your proposal deadline?    Are you encountering difficulties in establishing collaborations?  Are too many agencies pursuing the same funding.  Are other agencies pursuing the same objectives in the grant solicitation?  Are you getting no support from other agencies?  Are you chances of being awarded diminishing?  Getting angry?  Don’t allow frustration to lead to anger which may impact your chances of receiving a grant ward.   Work smarter.  Learn the art of grant writing.  Learn the politics in acquiring your letters of support or collaboration. 

Nonprofit organizations do collaborate.   Nonprofit organizations work do beautifully together.  The economy has affected funding opportunities.   Get your grants.          


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