Get a Grant – Change A Child’s Life

How can a grant award change a life?    How can grants change a baby’s life?  How can grants change a child’s life?    How can grants bring about change in our children’s lives.   A change alters a person’s life or circumstances in a substantial way.  How does this impact our children?  How can a grant awarded to an organization change lives of our youth of tomorrow?

Some babies are born chronically ill.   Some babies are born with special medical needs, and  special needs.  Some babies are born developmentally delayed.  Parents are in need of crises intervention.  Parents are in need of coping skills.  Parents are in need of counseling for the child.  Parents are in need of medical care assistance for the child.  Parents are in need of home health care and services for the child.  Parents are in need of special equipment for the child.  Parents are in need of money to offset these new ongoing expenses.  Parents may need anger management.  Parents may need family counseling resulting from the child’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being.  Parent may need marital therapy due to a strain in their relationship from dealing with child’s condition.   Child may be in a single parent home; which may have increased stress if there is lack of a support system.  Grants can make a change in a baby’s life.

Some children need daycare.  Parents lack the money.  City, county, and state funded childcare programs cannot accommodate all children.  Parents must meet certain criteria to qualify for the childcare.  Parents cannot meet the requirements because they are at a loss for daycare.  Lack of childcare for parents to achieve their goals of employment and/or education may increase their frustrations.  These children may be subject to excessive shouting.  They may be spanked more than necessary.  They may spend majority of their waking hours in timeout; in their crib or remaining in their room.  Grants can change the quality of childcare.  Grants can impact change in parenting techniques.

Some children attend school in fear of school violence.  There are gangs in schools.  There are cliques in schools.  There are antisocial children in school.  There are oppositional defiant children in school.  There exist hostile environments in school.  Some parents create violence in the schools.  Safe schools is a major concern in the school system.  Some schools have security.  Some schools have city police in their schools.  Some children carry unauthorized weapons to retaliate or try to protect themselves.  Grants can change these lives.

Some children are bullied at school.  These schools can be public schools, private schools, or charter schools.  Some children cringe when they encounter certain students at school.  Some children cry before coming to school.  Some children withdraw into themselves rather than deal with the bullying.  Some children accept bullying as a way of life.  Some children give up their lunch and lunch money daily.  Some children give up their seat or a favorite item to a bully.  Some children do whatever a bully demands to be left along.  Some children develop low esteem.  Some children develop anxiety.  Some children have lost their lives as a result of being bullied.  Some children have taken drastic steps to protect themselves from bullies; including using unauthorized weapons at school.   Some of these actions have harmed these “bullies.”   Bullying is a national issue in schools; and causes problems for children of all school ages.  Grants can make a change in these children’s lives.

Afterschool programs may be minimal.  The existing programs may lack funding to provide age appropriate activities for children.  Their may be a staff shortage.  The afterschoolers may bicker and quarrel among themselves due to lack of activities.  The afterschool activities may be nonexistent.  The afterschool program may be termed a holding place for children.  The afterschool program may not provide healthy snacks.  The afterschool program may not have tutors nor assistants to help with homework.  The children may not be properly supervised due to ratio of staff versus afterschoolers.  Grants can make a positive change for afterschoolers.

Some children live in fear in their neighborhoods.  Drugs run rampant.  Drug usage is everywhere.  Family members and friends use drugs.  Drug dealers reside in the neighborhood.  Drugs are sold everywhere.  Teen pregnancy may be high in their area.  Teen pregnancy may begin at an early age.  Prostitution, robbery, burglary, theft, home invasion, domestic violence, and family violence is a way of life in their neighborhoods.  The school dropout rate may be high in the neighborhood.  Increased police patrol or there may be a substation in the neighborhood to thwart crime.  Grants can change neighborhoods for children.

Grants can make a difference.  Grant awards can change these children’s lives for the better.  Grants can provide the necessary programs, services, and equipment needed to have a positive impact on their lives.  Voids and gaps exist in every aspect our life.  Proposals can be written to foundations and government grantors to provide needed services for children and their families.     Frustrated with children’s programs and services?  Don’t get angry.   Get a grant!  Change a life.


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