Grants for Earth Day

Grants for Earth Day!   A Grant to Go Green!

Earth Day 2011 is here!  What can a grant do for Earth Day?   What act or event can a “Go Green Grant” do?  What can be done for’s    “One Billion Acts of Green?”  What can be done for the EPA’s “Pick 5 for the Environment?”  How can you assist your community?   These are endless questions with numerous answers.   Take action.  What can you do?  Government grants, foundation grants, corporate grants, and private donations are needed continuously by organizations striving to save the planet.  A dollar is better than nothing to save your world.  One act is better than none to save your planet.  One voice is better than none to begin the dialogue to “go green.”   Get it started in your way today.  If you believe it; you can achieve it.  Think green; you can go green.  Put one foot in front of the other.

Educating our children begins when our children become aware of life; their surroundings.  Saving our planet has to be integrated into their core values.  We teach them from day one to become good citizens.    Saving our planet through their actions is definitely a part of becoming a good citizen.  Just imagine where our children’s thought processes would be if saving our planet was repeated, reinforced, and reviewed in a fun way continuously.  There actions would be automatic.  Behavior is learned.  The children need to learn from day one.  Schools are awesome in providing knowledge; but it will definitely take the family and community to assist in such a major endeavor.  Go Green!   Teach the world to be a greener place.  Don’t just tell them; teach them.  A picture is worth a thousand words. Paint the picture today!  Not just today; but, everyday!

Grants can make a difference all year:

  • Plant trees
  • Adhere to water restrictions
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Buy local produce
  • Choose to walk
  • Compost for resource efficiency
  • Conserve water
  • Educate about the environment
  • Fix water leaks
  • Get a green tip daily
  • Hang laundry to dry
  • Insulate the home
  • Landscaping
  • Live a greener life
  • Maintain tire pressure
  • Pick up litter
  • Pledge to protect the earth
  • Prevent pollution
  • Protect loved ones from harmful substances
  • Reuse bags
  • Ride a bike
  • Save energy
  • Share rides
  • Reduce your exposure to harmful substances
  • Turn off lights not being used
  • Unplug appliances not in use
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Use natural remedies to pesticides
  • Use public transportation
  • Use safe cleaning products
  • Use toxins and pesticides safely

What would your grant do to go green?

What would you do to save the earth?

One random act of kindness can go a long way in saving the earth.

Grants can go green year round.  Impact the earth in a positive way daily.


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