Congratulations to William and Catherine; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I woke up at 4:15 this morning; just in time to catch this beautiful royal wedding.  I was captivated by both families and the event as a whole.  Such organization!    As humongous as the crowds were; you could hear a pin drop at times.   I could feel the love.  I could feel the emotions.  It was breathtaking.   I flipped from local channels to CNN to  FOXNEWS to MSNBC to ABC to NBC to CBS and E.  I was in a trance; but, I realized something important.

Royalty; but committed to charities.  Position and money; yet a strong sense of caring, making a difference.    We may not have the status or the money; but we care.  We believe in charitable giving.   We believe in making a difference.   We believe in changing lives.   We want to give, donate, help.   We want those who are affluent enough to give for our good causes.  Grant the funding to change a life.

Everyone is not as charitable; even if they desire to be.  We as advocates against the social ills that plague our world; need to use the power of the pen to help.  We as grant writers and proposal writers need to make ourselves available to strengthen the grant writing process  those organizations in need.  Make a difference while making a living.   Everyone is not able to give a lot; but we searcher,  researchers, and writers can have a positive impact in making a difference.     Identify those seeking grants to make a difference in their communities.  What can you do?

The wedding, the fashion, the guest; it was awesome.  Watching or being involved in the festivities provokes positive thinking.   Royal; but real.    

Food for thought on such a memorable day.  You may not be from royalty.  You may not be a descendent of a monarch.  You may not be rich.  You may not have money to give.  Don’t get frustrated.   Use your skills in a positive way to get grants and donations to assist agencies and organizations in their mission.


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