Why Write About A Hat When You Can Wear It?

Writing assignment due?  Need a topic for your research paper?  Need to write that essay?   Have you given any thought to a writing about hats? 

Why waste time writing about a hat?  All you need is a cover for your head?  Think about it.  When is the last time you read or were even interested in the history of hats?   Did the Royal Wedding spark your interest?  Review all the hates worn by the Duchess of Cambridge; and other members of the Royal Family.  Did all those designer hats begin the rebirthing of the hat industry?   Do you wonder about the significance of the hat? 

Where did the name “hat” come from?  Who started the hat traditions?  Were hats initially meant for men or women?  Who wore it first?  What was significant?  Where there issues surrounding the wearing of hats?  What about various countries, cultures, genders, and ethnic issues pertaining to the wearing of hats?  What about the colors, the fabrics, the textures, and the process of making a good hat?  Where did the term millinery come from in the hat industry?  Look at where it started and where it is now.  Oh, let’s not forget hats and the economy; hats as a profession.

There are so many topics for an essay or a research paper starting with the subject of a hat.  The hat is eye-catching; and a paper on hats can be as well.   The Wendy Williams Show treated all her guest including men to these fashionable hats.  It was lovely.

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