Laughter! Do You Laugh With Boss?

 Laughter in the workplace.  Is it a common occurrence or is it an act?  Are you happy to go to work or going to work to be happy?

We talk about having a job or getting a career.    What about your job makes you laugh?  You work in a fast food environment.  You wear a uniform where everyone identifies you with those great burgers and fries, pizzas, hotdogs, shakes, hot greasy chicken and jalapenos, chicken strips, shrimp and more, or one of those awesome quick to eat drive thru meals.  They laugh with you at the bus stop, on your walk to work, while you cash your check, and serve them their meals.   That is your frontline at work.   They see your smile.  They hear your laughter.  They see the twinkle in your eye. 

 Are you happy in your job?  Are you happy with your boss?  Did you look forward to being there today?  Are your coworkers nice people?  Do you get the crappy schedule?   Are you expected to replace a no show at the last minute?  Does your boss gripe about your performance?  Does your boss gripe in general?

You need to work.  You are independent.  You have responsibilities.  Your family is struggling.  You know you have to take care of yourself; and help them sometimes.   You struggle to stay afloat.  You shared your life when you started.  You thought your boss cared.  Your boss and your coworkers know you need the job.  You come to work when you are sick.  

Yet, when you ask change your schedule; you are told no.  When you ask for a certain day off; you are told no.    When you request extra hours because you need the overtime; you are told no. 

The boss tells you no.  The boss’ boss agrees.    They joke.  They laugh.  They look at you.   You laugh.  Through all the rejection and negativity you endure; you laugh.  Are you laughing with the boss or at the boss?

You are frustrated.  Do something or you will not be able to laugh at the boss.  You laugh with the boss because you are keeping yourself in this situation.

You are your destiny.  You have choices.  You can move up the ladder of success.  The only one holding you in this situation is you.   Don’t get angry.  Don’t feel hopeless.  Go to college or a technical school.  Get a career.  Success is the best revenge.


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