Single parent family? What about emotional custody?

Your baby’s mama!  Your baby’s daddy!   The only thing you have in common is the child.   The only thing you can talk about is the child.  As far as like; you can’t stand each other.

What about the child?   Some of you have children?  Some of you moms have a lot of baby daddy drama.  Some of dads have a lot of baby mamas to contend with.  Where do the children fit?  

Emotions are everywhere.  Pure hatred for the ex.  What happened to the love?  What happened to the like?   What happened to the best interest of the child?  Is the child a pawn in the game of manipulation?    Is the child a ball in a ping pong game?  On one side of the fence this week; on the other next week.  On this side of the fence for the week; on the other every other weekend.   Respect your dad this week; let’s talk bad about your mom.   Respect your mom when you are with her; let’s curse your dad.

What about the children?   The discipline process can be a disaster.  Emotional rollercoaster.    Both parents holler; one trying to outdo the other.  One parent spanks; criticizing the other.  One parent does time out; criticizing the other. 

What about love for the child?  One parent claims to be the only one looking out for the child.  The other parent claiming the child is just a meal ticker.  One parent claiming to be all the child has.  The other claiming they were denied the right to raise the child.    One parent claiming the other parent is a bad influence.  The other parent disclosing the other parent’s troubled past.

What about the child?    Mom has a new man in her life.  Dad has a new lady in his life.  Mom talking bad about dad.    Dad talking about Mom being a disgrace to motherhood.  Mom comparing child to Dad.  Dad comparing child to Mom.  Mom’s new man forms his opinion to please Mom.  Dad’s new lady forms her opinion to please DAD.

What about the child?  Just imagine.  This child or children have access to both parents.  All kinds of issues surround the children.

What happens with the children with one parent?  Just imagine their emotional custody?

Don’t get frustrated.  Make a difference.    Children need support.  Parents need help.


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  1. #1 by charlie nitric on 05/01/2011 - 17:48

    This subject is just a mess between combating divorced couples who can reconcile enough to make the child/children #1 priority. The split pair acting like children and thinking that they are great parents. So sad!

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