Writing Assignment? Where’s The Laughter?

WHO       Who is laughing when receiving an intense writing assignment?  You have your topic.  Whether you chose it or it was preselected; it has been finalized.   A topic can be oh so boring.  A topic can be too overwhelming.  A topic may not pertain to anything you care about.   A topic can evoke mixed emotions.  A topic can cause you to procrastinate.   Your writing assignment may be for a variety of reasons.      It may be unpleasant.   It may be a pleasant experience.  Upon final submission can you laugh as you breathe a sigh of relief?  

WHAT    What is there to laugh about in writing for a grade?   You have been given a writing assignment.   As you are presented with your task; you envision hours and hours of research; maybe weeks and months.      You think of your calendar of events; and begin regretting what you will miss:

parties on hold,

gaming at a minimum or no gaming,

late night TV,

hanging out into the wee hours,

just doing nothing,

working extra hours.

The list goes on.

WHERE    Where is the laughter in writing?  You haven’t started; but the idea makes you tired.   You have a computer.  You have access to the internet.  You also have a nonstop traffic disrupting your thoughts continuously.   You have no interest in sitting in the library all day.  You are unable to hide in your home.  You wonder where is the solace to get this writing assignment done.

WHEN      When does the laughter being?   You review your topic. You haven’t started laughing.  You have numerous objections to the writing assignment.  You wonder where the time is.  You may work.  You may have responsibilities.  You may consider yourself as having a full life.  You don’t know when

HOW    How can you possibly laugh when there is no one to sing?   You’ve learned of a writing assignment, a due date, and a required format.    This is serious.  There is not laughter.  Where is the fun?

Frustrated?  Don’t be.  Remember frustration will hinder your progress and limit your potential in this writing assignment.   When the going gets tough; find a reason to laugh.  Think of an old joke, watch a comedy, find some humor and proceed forward.  You can laugh.  Laughter exists because when you reflect how you accomplished your goal.  Laugh for no reason at all; just laugh.  You will feel better and complete your writing assignment.  A paper due!  Laugh!  http://www.awesomepapersawesomeresearch.info


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