Haunted by your last job? Vanquish it!

Resigned! Quit! Last job caused tears! Last job caused unhappiness! Last job was a nightmare! Last job caused anger! Last job was unbearable! Are you haunted by your last job?

Was your last supervisor a pain? Was your last supervisor an idiot? Was your last supervisor heartless? Did your last supervisor kiss up to get the position? Was your last supervisor unqualified for the job? Did your last supervisor take credit for your accomplishments? Are you haunted by your last job?

Were you passed over for promotions? Were you left out of decisions? Were you informed of changes? Was your voice heard? Did you matter? Were you just a body? Was your brain utilized? Are you haunted by your last job?

What were your reasons for resigning? Did you walk out? Did you follow the chain of command? Did you complain? Did you submit in writing? Did your complaint fall on deaf ears? Did your complaint create more problems for you? Did you sulk? Did you hang in as long as you could? Did you provide a written notice? Did you tell them? Were you a professional? Did you get a copy of your exist interview? Will they recommend you for a future position? Would they rehire you? Will they haunt you in your job search? Will your last job haunt your interview?

How can you move forward? When does the haunting stop? You are looking for a new job. You have experience. You have skills. You have education. You may have credentials. You prepare a resume. Is it haunted by your last job?

Are you frustrated? Are you angry? Don’t get mad; vanquish it. Success is the best revenge.

How did you vanquish your last job haunting you?

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