OMG! Why Bother To Impress The Boss?

I read an article about impressing the boss. I’m sorry; but I’m being cynical. Why should I find ways to impress the boss when he should find ways to retain me? Why kiss up or try to get a pat on the head from someone who may only care about the bottom line. You could have the highest conversion. You could get requested more than others. You have the highest production rate. You may be used as a trainer. You may be given other duties as assigned. Finding ways to impress the boss doesn’t mean the boss gives a hoot about you.

A few years ago Lisa Raye was being interviewed concerning her show which was produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. She was asked: “how does it feel kissing Will Smith?” She said the question should be: “how does it feel to kiss Lisa Raye”?

Why bother with trying to impress the boss? If you’re good at what you do; the boss needs to impress you. A quality workforce is critical to a company’s mission.

Are you tired of seeing the kissups bring desserts, tacos, coffee, and drinks to the boss? Don’t get frustrated. Don’t chat about it on facebook. Don’t tweet about it. The next time someone brings the boss a treat; ask the question: “Sir, where’s our treat.   We work just as hard and it would be nice to get rewarded sometimes.”

Success is the revenge. Maybe he’ll ponder the issue. Maybe he won’t. I’ve seen bosses bring treats for meetings; sponsor lunches, and show their appreciation.


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