Layoff! Creeping At The Back Door!

Oh, you thought you were special?  You thought you were in a bubble?  You thought you were exempt from layoffs?  Wake up!   You are not the only one thinking it will be your coworker, the last hired, or a different department.

Some employers make decisions based on performance reviews; which may include attendance.  Your personality may have an impact.  Your willingness to be a team player.  Your procrastinating at assignments could definitely help you get laid off.  Your lackadaisical approach in the work place could send you to the top of the layoff list.

Oh, you felt you were safe because you had been with the company a long time.  Your attendance was perfect.  You had received promotions.  You had several pay raised; even a few bonuses.  You just knew if a layoff was coming; it had to be someone else.  You knew the boss had your back.  Some of your friends were laid off.  You were sad for them; but, ecstatic that it wasn’t you.  You thought you had weathered the storm.

You had a great relationship with management.  They knew your name.  They had met some of your family members.  They knew of personal issues in your life.  They always had something positive to say about you.  You were under their umbrella; away from the fallout.

You are content.  You have no worries.  All is right with your world.  The company knows you have their back.  You have always reported any discrepancies.  You have always informed management on rumors, malicious gossip, and unethical behaviors.  You provide information continuously to protect your workplace.   You constantly volunteer for special assignments.  You are willing to train.  You are eager to learn.  You listen.  You perform as a team player at all times.  You work 24/7 if required.

Everything was going great at work.  You were called to the office.  You got your pink slip.  You got your layoff notice.  You got laid off immediately.    OMG!   What’s a person to do! 

You were never safe.  CEOs are not safe.  Founders of companies are not safe.  Wake up!  You can put all your eggs in one basket.  Place them carefully:  work, career development, continuing education courses, education, training, backup plan.  Having a job should not stunt your career growth.

Don’t get angry. Success is the best revenge.  Enhance your career growth.  There are too many higher learning institutions  to help you.  Be proactive not reactive.

Did a layoff creep in the back door for you or someone you know?


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