Flash Drive For School? “left it on the bus” or “the dog ate the homework”!

A flash drive for schoolkids? Times are changing.  Elementary, middle, and high school children are using computers and the internet in the classroom on a daily basis.   This is my grandchild’s 3rd year of a flash drive being included on her school supply list.My selection was not based on her standing out in the crowd with a unique flash drive.  My selection was not about selecting a flash drive to blend in with her fashion or her personality.  I was concerned about the durability.  I was definitely concerned about loss.My comfort was in finding a flash for about $20; which could be hook on a key chain on neck chain.  I attached it to her school ID.  ID had to be worn daily.  These two were hand in hand; worn around her neck every school day.  The first flash was required for her computer class; but became a necessity for English, literature, and Science.  She used it for her Powerpoint presentations.

I realized the importance of her flash drive.  I ensured she had her flash drive everyday.  This helped her with reports, homework assignments, and special projects.   She was able to meet deadlines.

The excuse the dog ate the homework, it got wet, or some other excuse still has a place in our children’s minds.  That excuse does not fit every occasion.

Flash drive on the school supply list.  Don’t question it.  Don’t ignore it.  Get the flash drive.  Success is the best revenge.  Your child won’t be able to use those same old tire excuses. Less missed assignments.  Less excuses.  Better grades.

Does your child’s supply list call for a flash drive?


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