Schoolkids need cellphones. OMG!

 Time has come to buy the school supplies.  Paper, pen, pencils, cellphone, flash drive, binders,  notebooks, pencil pouch, pencil sharpener, lunchbox, backpack; the list goes on.  Back up!  Did the list say CELL PHONE?   Your child needs a cell phone for school.  We understand the benefits of the flash drive.  Is the cell phone to be in the clique?  Is the cell phone a fashion statement?  Is it just an accessory?   Why did YOU put the cell phone on the school supply list?   Oh, let me guess that your child needs a web browser, digital camera,  media player, GPS, keyboard, texting, and voice command on their school phone.   A traditional cell phone isn’t good enough.  Your child needs a smart phone.   What were you thinking when you bought the phone?

I’ll tell you what I was thinking.  I bought my grandchild her 1st phone in the 2nd grade.   She did not carry it to school at that time.  It was used outside of school hours; away from home; shopping, or with other family members.  We provided transportation for school.  As she advanced in school;  I wanted her to be able to get in touch with her parents and grandparents in any emergency situation; if she did not have access to a school phone.  Her phone was in her backpack.  It was always off during school hours.  Cellphone etiquette in a school setting has to be planted in your child.  As a seed grows; the plant develops.   As your child adapts to proper telephone etiquette; they develop acceptable habits in a school setting.  Let’s remember the school definitely has policies and procedures in place pertaining to cell phones and their usage.  Some schools keep them in the office.  Some schools mandate they remain in their lockers.  Some schools don’t allow them on campus.  Some schools don’t allow cell phones to be used until the end of the school day; and the last bell has rung.  After school programs have cell phone policies.  With Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Utube; schools have a zero tolerance for students abusing cellphones at the expense of the school, their staff, and especially other students.  Parents beware; Judge Ales, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Karen, and other judges may get the opportunity to chastise, embarrass, and fine in favor against you.  Your child may be suspended,expelled, or sent to an alternative school for the remainder of the year.

Yes, a new cell phone was on my grandchild’s list.   It will remain in her backpack during school hours.  It will be off.  It will be in her locker.  All backpacks and personal items must remain in lockers during school hours; at most schools.  She will be able to communicate with me during after school hours.  If something transpires; she will  be able to inform me.  During school hours; she will use the phone in the school’s office.  She will not retrieve her phone to talk to me.  She will follow the rules.  She will contact me by her phone during school hours IF SHE HAS PERMISSION FROM THE SCHOOL.   She will return her phone to the locker immediately.

A cell phone helps protect our children.  Yes, the AMBER Alert exist.  Why go there if we don’t have to.

If the thought of a cell phone frustrates you; don’t get mad.  Success is being able to communicate with your child; keeping your child safe and accessible.  Effective strategies for our children is the best revenge.   Does your child attend a private school, public school, charter school, alternative school, virtual school, or  a home school?  Was a cell phone on the school list for your child? Did the type of phone matter?


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