Back to School! Here We Go Again! Is PARENT spelled FUNDRAISER?

Educators, school administrators, teachers, PTA; be ready.  Parents, guardians, and caregivers may be apprehensive about fundraisers.  They may ponder these concerns and more.   What happened to going to school to get an education?   Where does this fit in the equation?

Why do I have to sell a book of coupons for my child to win a dollar store prize?    You want me to take orders?  You want me to submit an order prior to payment being due?  You want me to collect for the orders?  You want me to commit my money if they don’t pay?

Why do I have to beg people to buy enough cookie dough for another dollar store prize?  Why do I have to be the one to pick up and distribute these containers? 

Why do I need to take orders for pies and pumpkin rolls for your school?  Why do I have to be burdened with the responsibility?  Why are you selling what they can purchase from Kroger, HEB, Walmart, Target, Albertsons; even Walgreens, CVS and corner stores?

Why do I have to sign for her to sell a box of chocolate bars for $50.00?  You want her to sell more than one?  Why do I have to purchase the whole box?  Why do I have to sneak it on my job to help my child sell?

Why do I have to take a catalog throughout the neighborhood and on my job to persuade people to buy these items?  Why do I have to find something to order just to help my child?   Why should these low quality prizes matter?

Why do I have to convince people to buy a sports mug?  How many mugs does a person need?  How can I persuade someone to buy a $10 mug instead of putting food on their table or take from their gas money?

Why do we have to attend your fundraiser to give you my hard-earned money?  Why do I have to buy hotdogs when it is cheaper to buy a pack of Oscar Mayer or Ball Park franks?

Why does my child have to compete against other school kids to win the top prize?  Why does my child have to sell a certain number to be in a drawing?  Why does my child have to listen to how much money everyone raised?    Why is my child an outcast if he barely sells?  Why is my child an outcast for not participating?  Why is a guilt trip put on my child?  Why are you rewarded when the parent did all the work?

Why do we have to go to stranger’s homes, strange neighborhoods, and approach questionable individuals to reach a quota for your fundraising?  Why jeopardize our safety for your fundraising activities?

Why are you sending letters requesting $50 per parent to improve your school?  Why do you have a table set up at special events asking for donations?  What about my rent?  What about my bills?  Why do your fundraisers target  my hard-earned money? 

Parents, guardians, and caregivers may ask about getting grants for school?  Why isn’t the district, the school, or the teachers pursuing more grants?  Why is the school having fundraisers instead of getting grants?  Why do so many items have to be sold in a fundraiser to acquire what one grant can accomplish?  What is the school doing?

Here we go again.  New school year and the writing is already on the wall.  Parents, guardians, caregivers are you frustrated.  Why?  Don’t get mad.  Look at the light at the end of the tunnel.   Schools are on budgets.  Schools have needs.  What a school receives benefits our child.  Remember, success is the best revenge.  Yes, you need to make a difference in your child’s education.  This is all about giving your child the tools necessary for a quality education.  Sell enthusiastically.  Sell with vision.  Make the sale.  It could mean a computer, a field, trip, a lab, and more books.  It means better education.  Fundraisers may raise dollars faster than some grants are awarded.  Deadlines may be critical.

Are you helping?


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