Back To School Agenda! Get A Career!

Kids are going back to school?  Where are you going?  Parents, guardians, caregivers, are you returning to college?  Did you spend the summer strengthening your relationship with your child?    Did you enjoy Sea World, the zoo, the beach, the movies, and a lot of fast food?   Have you finished purchasing school supplies?   Did you purchase uniforms or did you have to spend a lot of dollars to create a new wardrobe for the children?

You purchased the school agenda for the children.  What’s your agenda?  You plan on finding a job?  Where’s your resume?  Oh, you don’t need one.  You’ve decided to just fill out an application.  During a time when unemployment is high; you believe your experience on a job application will get you in the door.  The job announcements had job applications; but, they mentioned resumes were accepted or required.  You just want a job.  You know you can do it.  You have experience.  You have applied and gotten hired before with no problem.  Your salary was not in the range you desired; but it was income.

 How does your application stand out?  The format is designed for limited information.  You just fill it in.  You cannot shine the way you desire.  You are in a bowl of peanuts.  You all look like cashews; no difference.

 How does your application market your skills?  You fill in the requested lines or square.  You may not be able to highlight your assets.  You are looking for a JOB like everyone else.

 The job application does not define you.  It does not identify why you are the one.  It does not sell you.  It does not put you ahead of the other job applications.  It may get you considered.  It may not be reviewed.  Your applications are the same format in a PILE.

Unemployment is high.  Competition is out there.  You are not alone in the job market.

  Frustrated?  The phone hasn’t rung.  You haven’t received an email.  Don’t get mad.  Prepare a resume that sells.  Shine above the rest.  Success is the best revenge.  The phone is ringing.  Go to your job interview.  Market yourself. Get hired.

What are you going to do?


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