Is your relationship a NONO!

No Does Not Always Mean Never.  He said NO.  She said NO.  Oh, you’re together?  What’s going on? 

He had his reasons for saying no.  He’s right.  We’re not ready to get married.  He said we need to save more money.  He said things have been going good the way they are.  He said we both got work to do if we want to stay together.

 She said no.  She did not want me on the lease.  She said I could still live there.  She said we would split the bills 50/50

He said no.  He doesn’t want me to meet his family yet.  He wants to keep our relationship a secret.  He said his family won’t interfere; until our relationship is strong enough to deal with them.  He said he’s a momma’s boy.  His mom doesn’t like anyone he’s interested in.

She said no.  She said her dad is overprotective; and will investigate me.  She said her mom won’t think I’m good enough.  She said her sisters married men with degrees and she can’t tell them I’m a dropout.  She said her dad had a good job; and he won’t settle for my job.

He said I should use my car when we go places.  He said everyone knows his car.  He said he doesn’t want his ex-girlfriends to know his whereabouts.

She said we can’t go in her car.   She said too many people know her.  She said she had some crazy ex-boyfriends out there.

He said he has no money.  He said he loves me and wants to be with me; but he can’t afford to take me anywhere.  He said he would love to; but, I have to pay.  He said he should be able to provide for his woman.  He said he enjoys coming to my apartment and watching movies.  He said he is not ready to show me his place.  He said it is tiny.  He said it is in a bad neighborhood.  He said I might get robbed.

She said she would love to cook me some great meals; but she has no money.  She said she usually eats once a day to make ends meat.  She said she enjoys going on dinner dates.  She said she gets a good meal; and, it shows the person cares about her.

He said he can’t tell his children about you.  He says you can’t meet his children.  He said he has to spend time with his baby’s mama to make sure his kid is okay.  He told you not to acknowledge him if he is with his children or their mom anywhere.

She said you can’t come around her children.  She said you can come over when they’re gone.  She said she doesn’t want their daddy to know about you.  She said her children are not ready to meet you.  She said her children have a father; they don’t need another man in their life.

He said he loves me.  He said he wants us to be together; just take it slow.  He has been hurt before.  He said let’s just be together; and who knows.

She said she loves me; let’s keep it confidential.  She said it is hard to trust again.  She said she wants to be with me; but the commitment is hard right now.  She said let’s just see where it leads us.

He said to leave him out of my face book, twitter, and MySpace.  He said never mention or chat about him.  He said our life is for the two of us.  He said those chat sites will break us up.

She said not to post her picture on any social networks.  She doesn’t want me to discuss her.  She said there are too many haters out there.   She said this is about us; not them.

He told you to be patient.  It may take some time; but when you close the door it’s just the two of you.

 She told you to be patient.  You know you’re the one.

Frustrated?  Concerned?      This is your relationship.  What are you going to do?  Don’t get mad.  Get smart.  Use your intelligence.  Is it love?  Is this your ideal relationship?  Do something for you.  A healthy relationship is the best revenge.


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