A Dad Drowned His Kids Today in TX!

How can the word “Dad” be used in this context?  Too bad!  So sad!  He was their “Dad”.  This news is shocking!  NOTHING justifies this action.

We want dads to be the father they were meant to be.  We want dads to be the father they never had.  We want dads to be supportive.  We want dads to protect.  We want dads to be role models and mentors.  We want dads to be responsible.  We want dads to assume that role 24/7. We want dads to welcome their role unconditionally. 

How could this have been avoided?  What signs were overlooked?  What signs were ignored?  What led up to the trigger that led up to these consequences?  Who didn’t do what that would have prevented this?  How did this spiral? 

We have to protect our children.  There are nonprofit organizations, community based organizations, churches, neighborhood organizations, law enforcement, community learning centers, counselors, therapist, and numerous others available to prevent a “dad” or “mom” from taking to take a precious a child’s life.  There were no police reports, restraining orders, or any documented incidences.  Who dropped the ball?   This was supposed to be the first day of school; not the last day of an innocent child’s life.  Yes, this can cause frustration and anger.  Success is the best revenge by protecting our children, identifying the signs; stop looking the other way.  Make a difference.


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