Child Protective Services On Your Back! Moms, dads 10 pointers!

1.  Your child is not the only one in the system.  All children are supposed to be special.  All children need help.  Every child is a priority.

2.  You are not the only dad being investigated.  Fathers everywhere have subjected children to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.  The children have to be protected.  You may need help.  You may not need to be removed from the child’s life.

3.  You are not the only mom being investigated.  There are moms who do not make their children a priority.  There are moms everywhere who subject their children to abuse and neglect.  There are moms who abandon their children.  The child has a right to a healthy, wholesome life.

4.  Your home is not the only household that is substandard.  Dirty dishes, mold, fleas, trash, and infestations run rampant in some households.  Some parents; including guardians are lackadaisical.  Someone has to step up for the sake of the children.

5.  You are not the only parent working two jobs.  You can work 2 plus jobs; but, you have to ensure the well-being of your child.  You are the parent, guardian, or caregiver.  It is your responsibility to ensure your children are safe and secure; to include shelter and meals.   Children cannot be left home alone unsupervised unless their age meets requirements.  Until that child is emancipated or reaches adult age; the responsibility lies with a parent, guardian, or caregiver.

6.  You are not the only one on TANF.   TANF is not the reason you are  being investigated.  Your receiving benefits did not make you a target.

7.  You are not the only one who needs to complete a program successfully to regain custody of your children.  Personality disorders, substance abuse, family violence, abuse, neglect, and abandonment are issues that need to be addressed to determine if your home is a suitable environment for these children.,

8. Your being a parent does not mean that you are an effective parent.  Parenting classes are for your benefit if you are sincere are regaining or retaining custody and care of your children.

9.  You are not the only one whose children are in foster homes.  Some children are in shelters.  These children need a safe haven.

10.   You are not the only one who want who wants their children returned to them.  You are not the only one following necessary steps to regain or retain custody of your children.   You are not the only one procrastinating.  Your case is a priority just like everyone else.  You have to express interest and involvement. 

Moms, dads, guardians, caregivers wakeup!  Do the right thing.   Our children are being hurt.  Our children are being killed.  Innocent lives are being destroyed.  The best revenge is education, prevention, and intervention to save our children.  There are too many sources and resources to make a difference.  Success is saving our children.


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