Hats and Grants! They Need To Fit!

Your grant proposal should project a certain vision.  Your grant proposal should meet a special need.  You should write your grant proposal to fit the funder’s needs.

A hat requires assessing the need for it.   A grant proposal is based on an assessment.   The proposal must fit grantor’s situation.   The purpose, the event, and the shape of the hat is critical in selection process.   The organization of the paperwork is critical in the reviewer’s selection and rating process.   A grant proposal is requested for a purpose or cause; based on the anticipated event; and the shape or condition of the situation. 

Oe of my closest friends designed a beautiful hat to wear on the Royal Wedding Day as he watched the wedding in her home.    The writing of the grant proposal is designed based on the appropriateness to fit target groups, target populations, hard to serve, underserved, and other identified factors.  Grants must fit to get funded.  The writing of the grant proposal is based on choices to meet the need.   You wear a hat to fit the occasion.   The hat must look good.  The grant needs to be neat, organized, and appear appealing.

The beauty of a grant proposal is the perceived vision of the grant to meet an appropriate need.   If hats were not already popular; business is definitely booming thanks to the Royal Wedding and the abundance of beautiful hats adorning almost every female’s head.     Transform your hat to get the government grants foundation grants, private grants, school grant s! Transform your small business grant.  http://www.awesomepapersawesomeresearch.info


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