Grants? Economy? Why Forget About It?

Grants make a difference.  The economy is going through tough times.  Grant announcements are posted.   What you see is not always what you get.

Do your grants research.  Understand the funder’s philosophy.  Know the funding source’s priority. Don’t assume your grant will get funded.  Know something about the grantor; the more the better.

The sky is the limit; but your evaluative measure must be realistic in your grants.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground.   You may not be the only agency applying for grant money.  The funder’s vision may be bigger than just your purpose.  Read the grant proposal guidelines.   Read the grant guidelines.  Your proposal needs to stand above the rest.

Don’t over inflate your budget.  It has to make sense.  Don’t show greed in your grant proposal.  Don’t underestimate the budget versus the program or service.   A new building would be nice; but you may have to lease initially.  Purchasing vans would simplify using one location; but, you may need to look at satellite locations.   iPad would be awesome for staff; but, be grateful for a some laptops.  No cell phones; be glad office phones approved.  Read the grant proposal budget requirements.  Call if possible to ensure you fully understand.  Some grant funders will talk to you; some won’t. 

Procrastination will weaken your grant proposal.  Waiting to prepare your proposal may cause you to submit a lousy grant proposal.  Delaying may cause you to miss your deadline.   Grant money is precious.  You are not guaranteed grant money.  Competition is fierce.  YOU HAVE TO BRING IT TO GET FUNDED!

Write your proposal to be understood.  Organize your proposal.  The reviewers should not have to fumble through to understand.  Your grant proposal submission represents you and your plan if funded.  Write to paint a picture.  Remember the reviewers need to understand why you should receive grant money.  The reviewers need to understand through your grant proposal and attachments that you are credible and worthy of  accomplishing their goal.  They are the buying committee for your grant proposal.

Finding grants and writing grants can be overwhelming.  Don’t get frustrated.  Practice makes perfect.  Sharpen your skills.   Step up and get the grant money to make a difference.  Don’t get frustrated; the grant award could be yours.   Invest you in your success.


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