The Streets Define Your Community Grants Research!

Take your grants research to the streets!  Communities need grants.

  1. Gangs
  2. Dropouts
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Homelessness
  5. Drugs
  6. Alcohol
  7. Violence
  8. Burglary
  9. Families
  10. Hunger

To make a difference; got to the where the pulse beats.  The street gives you what you need to find the grants you need; if you want to change lives in your community.   If you don’t go; you won’t know.       Know your streets know your community.

When you drive, walk, or ride the bus;  do a visual.  Listen to the streets.  Observe what you see.  Assess what is missing.  Look at what’s right.   Take notes of what’s wrong.  If you could you would…….         If you had the grants funding; things would be…….          Who would fund grants to……..            Who would be interested in funding a grant to……          The ball is in your court.  How are you going to play it?


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