Who Said Finding A Job Would Be Easy?

Finding a job is more than submitting an application or a resume; and the phone automatically ringing.  Finding a job is more than sitting in front of an employer, or job recruiter.  Wake up to the real world. 

Something happened.   You were dressed for success.  You said what  the employer wanted to hear.  You were on top of the word when you left the interview.  You knew your job search was finally over.

You didn’t get the job. You know the interview went well. You and the interviewer clicked. You were told you would get a ce all. The phone hasn’t rung. You’ve been checking to see if the ringer is on. You’ve been checking to be sure you didn’t miss a phone call. You’ve been checking your email constantly. You know they’ve suppose to call you; but, just in case you received the good news through email. The interviewer told you; it would be by the end of the week. He told you the start day for the new position. You were ready to start the day of the interview.      He said he thought they could work with you to learn what you didn’t know.  You said you were eager to learn.  You told him you had been out of work  for a while.  You had bills to pay.  You really needed a job.

You’ve started calling.  Times are tough.   You prepared for this interview.  You know you looked professional.    A week has passes; two weeks have passed.  No phone call has been received.  No missed messages.  No email.   You finally got an answer from the HR office.   They would not allow you to speak with the HR Director .    You were told;   “The position has been filled”.

Now, you are boiling mad.  You wasted gas.  You had to buy a presentable outfit.  You  practiced for the interview.  You did research.  The interviewer said they would train you; because you were the best candidate for the job.  They didn’t even send you a rejection letter.  They didn’t even call you.  You believe  the interviewer lied.  You feel betrayed.  You want to call the company and use some choice words.  You want to waste more gas to go to their HR and demand to see their HR Director.   YOU ARE ANGRY!

Take a deep breath.   Revisit the process.  Review the job description.   Rethink the interview process.  Write it out.  What do you see?  What did you say?  Were you desperate?   Did you identify any signs or signals that you overlooked?     What about additional training being needed?   Were you out of your element?  Were you underqualified?  Overqualifed? 

Job search is a process.  It is a learning process.  Stay current.  Research.  A great job can be yours.


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