Potty Training Needs Grant Funded Programs To Prevent Child Abuse!

According to the local news today;  so many children are killed nationwide during potty training years.   It was horrifying.  Our babies are being killed.  Parents are cracking during the potty training stage; and killing their babies.  What about a baby’s dirty diaper justifies a child’s pain and suffering?  There are numerous parenting programs that are supposed to be educating parents and reducing child abuse, and child abandonment.  Child Protective Services is targeting families to save our children.   How can a dirty diaper end a child’s life?   How can a soiled diaper or undergarment trigger hurting? 

These parents are from all socioeconomic classes.  Poverty stricken parents, rich parents, unemployed parents, loving parents, stressed out parents, single parents; parents from all walks of life are committing such a horrifying crime.

Federal grants, state grants, local grants, and private grants are being allocated in urban and rural areas targeting all socioeconomic levels in hard to serve and underserved areas to drastically reduce child abuse.  The goal is to eliminate physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.

This is a wakeup call to those caring for children; and those providing services to prevent child abuse and child neglect.  This is definitely an issue that needs to be integrated into parenting curriculums.

Let’s save our children.   Increase awareness and education.  Look for the signs.  Prevent.  Step up!

This is a wakeup call.


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