Happy Holidays To The Homeless!

Happy holidays to the homeless.  I wish you good cheer.  I wish you warmth.  I wish you a good meal.  I wish you good health.  I wish you shelter.  I wish you a dry spot in the rain.  I wish you a warm spot in the cold.  I wish you safety in danger times.  I wish you peace when there is unrest. 

Happy holidays to the homeless who had a home and now it is gone. 

Happy holiday to the homeless who were healthy; but, now a sickness has taken over. 

Happy holidays to the special needs; who are no longer looked after. 

Happy holidays to the homeless who were hurt, abused; and forgotten.

Happy holidays to the children who are lost on the streets.

Happy holidays to the pregnant teens and teen parents kicked out into the streets.

And those of you who can truly make it a holiday with meaning; step up.

Homelessness is a reality.   Communities; your efforts to make a difference in the life of a homeless person and show them a brighter tomorrow can make 2012 an awesome year.

You may have a home today; you may have a home tomorrow; just remember, they had a home also.

Put the happy in holiday!   A business researcher who cares enough to write about information and social issues to make a difference.  Success Is the Best Revenge;  combat homelessness.


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