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Your Digital Dirt Is A Consequence Of Your Online Action!

Is your job search smeared with digital dirt?   Your resume is flawless. Your attire was perfect. Your interview was a success.  Yet; the phone isn’t ringing anymore.  Your employer researched you before offering you the position. Guess what?  Digital Dirt!  

Digital Dirt can be damaging to include; but not limited to:        when you apply for a job;  when you are considered for a promotion;  when you request a recommendation;   and when you are competing for a position or title.  

Your perception may have been positive; but it may be perceived as unacceptable or negative.  You may be trying to boost your credibility; but your digital dirt degraded you.  Erase, minimize your digital dirt.

Clean it up.  Check your profiles.Check your usernames. Check your logo. Check your verbiage. Check your links; you may not be responsible for their content, but they’re attached to you. Check photos and comments you may have left on other’s pages, blogs, forums, or sites.  You may need to request their help to get them removed; if they agree.  Check your settings; everything need not be for all to see.  Check major search engines using your name in quotes to find information.

Others may possess your name; just be certain yours  does not surface with digital dirt.  Check yourself online to see what may be lurking in your past that is truly DIGITAL DIRT.

 You need to provide positive information to alleviate digital dirt.Your character and your integrity is at stake.  What you perceive as a great photo or awesome comment; may be the dirt that knocks you of your online feet. Your postings, comments, messages, and photo may tell a different story about you. They may identify dishonesty in your application, resume, and interview.  Their findings may not be discriminatory; just shocking and appalling. 

If you need to disclose something before they find it; make the choice to address it.  Your future may depend on it; your integrity is on the line. You may not get interviews nor job offers.  Don’t get angry; make better choices.  Your online activity is a  reflection of you, your values, your worth.

What would you do?


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Your Boss! Every Name but a Nice Name!

What a boss!  He calls the shots.  He decides if you stay or if you go.  He needs the job done.  You need to earn a living.  Are you indispensable?  Are you just a number on the production line?  Are you one of the brains utilized to manage the operation?  Are you part of a team that needs to function as one.    Do you function autonomously or do you just follow orders?  Have your ideas become his?    Does he take credit for your work?  Does he just kick back and bark?   Does he play the fame when the big bosses are around?  Are you scared to cry wolf?  Are you scared he will continue his tirades and you will become unemployed?  Do you believe you could be denied unemployment benefits?   Do you feel helpless and hopeless?   Are you frustrated?  Are you beginning to think irrationally on solving this situation?  Are you becoming desperate?  Are you looking for a way out?  Do you enjoy your job?  Do you want to remain with this company?  Do you have value?  Are you credible?  How are your performance ratings?  How is your attendance?    Do you know what to do?   How long do you plan to endure?  Will this be your work environment for the rest of your work life?

He is your boss. Does his name fit the bark?  His bark may be her bark.   Your boss can be either gender and can portray these negative behaviors.   This is your workplace.  What will your frustration lead to?  Will your anger cause you to jeopardize your career?  Will your anger cause you to get smart?  Success truly is the best revenge with the information you need to take the right stand the right way.

Food for thought:  perception, communication, policy, procedure, rights, environment, fair, hostile, bullying, intimidation, complaint, harassment, discrimination, equal opportunity, memo for records, reporting officials, grievance procedures, supervisors, chain of command.

Don’t settle for less.  If the shoe fit; don’t hit, use your wit.  Exercise your rights.

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