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Career Competition Got You Down?

Competition is here to stay.  We want to be at the top of our game in everything we do.     Searching for a job or starting a business requires hard work.  Is the glass half  full or half empty?

There are numerous competitors selling the same product or service; shoes, purses, makeup, perfumes, vitamin supplements, candles, and jewelry.   There a numerous affiliates. There are numerous competitors vying to fill their down lines.  Is choosing a competitive market a mistake for you?  Should your passion and ideas fall by the wayside?  Should your love of shoes, fashion, makeup, and jewelry not benefit you?  

Family, friends, peers, and others make comments and question concerning your career choice:

“You’re taking a risk.  I know someone who failed.  You’ll probably never rank in search engines. Your keywords won’t get you traffic.  Your website won’t get noticed.  You’re  offering the same thing.  You won’t have enough customers.  There is too much competition; find something else.  You won’t make any money. Your site won’t make it.  Don’t waste your time.”

Are you getting negative vibes from nonbelievers?   Is your confidence shaken?  What if you have considered all the odds?  What if you have researched it thoroughly?  Who says you can’t put all your eggs in one basket? What do you do?  Can you do it?  Can you make it work?  Can you make money among your competitors?   Do you believe you can achieve?  Why should they buy from you?  What is the value for your customers?

Research, research, research!  Plan, strategize; don’t stop. The choice is yours.  Everyone is not going to applaud your goals.  Everyone is not going to support your efforts.  Some will identify you as a failure from day one.

Don’t give up.  Don’t get depressed.  If you believe you can achieve; bring your uniqueness, creativity, and  passion to the table.  Make it happen.  Success is the best revenge.  All your eggs are in one basket.  How are you going to place them?


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No Job! No Money! You Just Broke!

Job search funds wearing away; got no luck and less money.  Searching online.  Searching in person.   What’s a broke person suppose to do?  Plan and cut cost. 

You can save money during your job search; “cha-ching.
You can cut cost; reduce travel expenses.
Save on wasted hours; plan your time wisely.
Make job search savings a priority while looking?

Attend virtual career fairs.
Access employers online.
Complete online applications
Submit resumes online

Some job search opportunities are offline
Some resumes are hand delivered.
Interviews require your presence.
Plan accordingly.

If you have to pound the pavement; wear comfortable shoes.
This could save in medical bills.
Yes, there are so many beautiful shoes; and there are so many bruised and swollen feet.
Yes, the shoes are cute; but your feet made a horrid impression.
Maybe it was the polish; maybe it was the toe handing out.
You can put your flats in your purse or briefcase for the interview.
Everyone is not impressed with over the top shoes.

If you ride the bus or train to collect applications; plan your route.
You may be use transfers to save money.
Know the bus schedules; you may save time between stops.

If you use the taxi; have a voice in route to your destination.
The taxi doesn’t have to take the longest or the scenic route; cha-ching.
Get dropped off at a central location within walking distance or short bus rides to retrieve applications, drop off resumes, and attend interviews within proximity at scheduled times.  
The taxi waiting between stops may not be cost-effective with the meter running.

Ensure your vehicle is operable.
Ensure your vehicle has enough gas.
Ensure tires are satisfactory.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ensure fluids are up to par.
Ensure no warning lights are on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ensure you are within the speed limit.
You need to get to your destinations in a timely fashion.
You need to reach your destination.

Getting tickets decreases your funding; and cost valuable time in your job search process.
Getting a tire blowout may cost you money; and a job.
Warning signs on your vehicle may  cause you to lose out on employment opportunities.
Expired registration and inspections can empty your pockets.

Spend your job search time wisely.
It cost more to drive back and forth.
It cost more to catch taxi after taxi after taxi.
It cost more to transfer opportunities. 
Check into the express transportation that operates in some areas.
Identify a safe place to read, review, prepare for the next interview.
Visit the library, museums, and other public places of interest  during scheduled same day  interviews.
You can accomplish a lot online.
Utilize the online experience as much as possible during your job search.
You can save time and money.
Job applications can be completed and submitted online.
Some can be downloaded and printed online for in person submission.
Resumes can be submitted directly to employer sites.
Print resumes can be mailed.
Resume on CD; including video can be delivered; mailed also. .
Interviews may be through chat, telephone, in person; based on employer’s request.

Dressing for success during a job search can be expensive.
Find a Dress For Success program in your area.
Visit the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.
The United Way has excellent nonprofit resources to assist.
The Society of St Vincent de Paul has sources and resources.
Churches may provide assistance.
Locate other thrift shops that may have affordable and appropriate attire for your job interest.

There are community-based organizations that assist with bus tokens.
Some provide vouchers for an effective job search.
Your state human services agency may provide assistance.

Success is worker smarter and having a successful job search while cutting expenses.  Don’t get frustrated.  Don’t get  mad.  Success is the best revenge.  I am the author of this article; which is also posted on my website.  Cutting cost during job search articles will be updated regularly.

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A Little Bit Of Narcissism! Oh yeah!

Have you done a reality check?  What has Twitter done for you lately?  What have your followers done for you lately?  Are you still  addicted to the social networks.  Are you in denial?  Are you moving forward or caught up?

You wake  and before your first cup of coffee; you need to check your tweets or you’ve got to tweet.  Before you shower;  you’ve got to check your Facebook.  Before you can help the children with their homework?  Dinner is late because of your social networking?  What comes first?   You or social networking.  Does social media make you the person you are?   Is your voice in the keypad?  Are you lost among all these friends(hundreds, thousands, more)?  Are you full of  yourself?  Can you converse without tweeting or relating to tweets?  Can you make a friend or does Facebook give you the skills you need to establish relationships.

Are goals on the sideline because you need to tweet or make an online friend?  What about career progression?  Are you a traditional or nontraditional student who is procrastinating; because you  need to post or follow so many friends.  You need to monitor so you can tweet as much as possible.  

What about family?     Hey, what about communicating in the home?  Are you so focused on tweeting and online friends that you’re neglecting  your children?  What about  your employer?  Is your job in jeopardy?  Are you caught up?  Will the real you please stand up?   Life may be passing you by.   You can benefit from social networking; but, life extends past that.

Narcissistic?   Prove you’re not.    Success is revenge.

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The Streets Define Your Community Grants Research!

Take your grants research to the streets!  Communities need grants.

  1. Gangs
  2. Dropouts
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Homelessness
  5. Drugs
  6. Alcohol
  7. Violence
  8. Burglary
  9. Families
  10. Hunger

To make a difference; got to the where the pulse beats.  The street gives you what you need to find the grants you need; if you want to change lives in your community.   If you don’t go; you won’t know.       Know your streets know your community.

When you drive, walk, or ride the bus;  do a visual.  Listen to the streets.  Observe what you see.  Assess what is missing.  Look at what’s right.   Take notes of what’s wrong.  If you could you would…….         If you had the grants funding; things would be…….          Who would fund grants to……..            Who would be interested in funding a grant to……          The ball is in your court.  How are you going to play it?

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Child Protective Services On Your Back! Moms, dads 10 pointers!

1.  Your child is not the only one in the system.  All children are supposed to be special.  All children need help.  Every child is a priority.

2.  You are not the only dad being investigated.  Fathers everywhere have subjected children to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.  The children have to be protected.  You may need help.  You may not need to be removed from the child’s life.

3.  You are not the only mom being investigated.  There are moms who do not make their children a priority.  There are moms everywhere who subject their children to abuse and neglect.  There are moms who abandon their children.  The child has a right to a healthy, wholesome life.

4.  Your home is not the only household that is substandard.  Dirty dishes, mold, fleas, trash, and infestations run rampant in some households.  Some parents; including guardians are lackadaisical.  Someone has to step up for the sake of the children.

5.  You are not the only parent working two jobs.  You can work 2 plus jobs; but, you have to ensure the well-being of your child.  You are the parent, guardian, or caregiver.  It is your responsibility to ensure your children are safe and secure; to include shelter and meals.   Children cannot be left home alone unsupervised unless their age meets requirements.  Until that child is emancipated or reaches adult age; the responsibility lies with a parent, guardian, or caregiver.

6.  You are not the only one on TANF.   TANF is not the reason you are  being investigated.  Your receiving benefits did not make you a target.

7.  You are not the only one who needs to complete a program successfully to regain custody of your children.  Personality disorders, substance abuse, family violence, abuse, neglect, and abandonment are issues that need to be addressed to determine if your home is a suitable environment for these children.,

8. Your being a parent does not mean that you are an effective parent.  Parenting classes are for your benefit if you are sincere are regaining or retaining custody and care of your children.

9.  You are not the only one whose children are in foster homes.  Some children are in shelters.  These children need a safe haven.

10.   You are not the only one who want who wants their children returned to them.  You are not the only one following necessary steps to regain or retain custody of your children.   You are not the only one procrastinating.  Your case is a priority just like everyone else.  You have to express interest and involvement. 

Moms, dads, guardians, caregivers wakeup!  Do the right thing.   Our children are being hurt.  Our children are being killed.  Innocent lives are being destroyed.  The best revenge is education, prevention, and intervention to save our children.  There are too many sources and resources to make a difference.  Success is saving our children.

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A Dad Drowned His Kids Today in TX!

How can the word “Dad” be used in this context?  Too bad!  So sad!  He was their “Dad”.  This news is shocking!  NOTHING justifies this action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is your relationship a NONO!

No Does Not Always Mean Never.  He said NO.  She said NO.  Oh, you’re together?  What’s going on?  Read the rest of this entry »

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