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Career Goals – Being Angry For Success Is A Trigger

As an unemployed person; job searching and be overwhelming.  Anyone can begin to doubt their skills, abilities, industry; causing them to feel helpless and hopeless.  You can have the support of family, friends, and significant others; yet, frustrations may emerge during your job search process.

 Transportation can make you angry.  Triggers are listed to help you identify some situations that unknowingly throw a wrench in your job search process.  Knowing these triggers and controlling the thoughts and feelings derived from these situations will control negative behaviors that are affecting your job search success which impacts your career goals.

 1.    Your car needs gas.  You run out the door to start the car.  Your tank is on empty. You’re running late.  The company is handing out job applications during a certain time period.  You are banging and stomping as you try to squeeze the last few drops to make it to the closest gas pump.

 2.     The gas lines are long.  You waited until the last minute to get the gas.  You are caught in morning traffic, lunch hour traffic, or evening rush hour traffic.  You are fussing and using choice words as you attempt to make it through the traffic in a timely manner.

3.    The price of gas is too high.  Your funds are limited.   You are frustrated because it will take more than a few dollars to pay for gas.  You can make it there and back; but, you don’t have enough gas for the job interview or to retrieve any more job applications.

 4.    You parked at a pump that is out of order.   You jump out the car; frantically searching for your debit or credit card.  You’re almost out of breath; using choice words.  You go to insert your card; and you see tape across the slot.  You are peeved.  You jump in your car to find another gas pump; and they’re all taken.  You can’t leave.  You don’t have enough gas to go any further.  You have to wait.  You are fussing about the pump not working; not knowing until you got out of your car; and being late to get the application. 

 5.   You need to borrow money to get the gas.     You are perturbed because you have to borrow money to get gas to do some local job searching.  You asked several friends and family members.  They could not help you.   They even asked what happened to your money.  They questioned your spending habits.  You don’t believe they want to help you.  You don’t believe they care.  You are very upset.  You are at your wit’s end.  You need money for gas desperately. 

 6.    You need a ride to job search.     You were promised a ride.  Your friend didn’t show up.    No one is answering their friend.  You are in a rage.  You asked a few days ago; and they promised you that they would be there.

Your emotions are creating hostilities during your job search process.  These hostilities are a result of poor planning during your job search process.    You have to prepare a job search checklist.  You have to be realistic; and accountable.  You need to identify what you have; what is required; and what will be needed to ensure a successful job search.  You are the one needing a job.  You need to assess your situation; and get the right support and services to alleviate these stressors which lead to anger.  Your anger for success accomplished nothing but less chances of getting hired.

 Transportation vouchers and resources are available in some cities and counties to assist you during your job search endeavors.  Don’t wait; procrastination may cost you the job.   Get your gas ahead of schedule.  Keep gas in your vehicle.  Penny pinch to afford the gas.  You need to budget for gas. If you need to borrow from a family member or friend; borrow in advance of the event.  If you are relying on a ride; ensure it is a reliable ride.

You can contact local United Way agencies, Goodwill, state workforce agencies, community based organizations, churches, and parishes for assistance. There are available resources to reduce your frustrations that a lead to anger that hinders a successful job search.

 I am Shirleyd of SHINE; providing career education to recreate careers and reinvent ourselves; wholistically.


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Your Digital Dirt Is A Consequence Of Your Online Action!

Is your job search smeared with digital dirt?   Your resume is flawless. Your attire was perfect. Your interview was a success.  Yet; the phone isn’t ringing anymore.  Your employer researched you before offering you the position. Guess what?  Digital Dirt!  

Digital Dirt can be damaging to include; but not limited to:        when you apply for a job;  when you are considered for a promotion;  when you request a recommendation;   and when you are competing for a position or title.  

Your perception may have been positive; but it may be perceived as unacceptable or negative.  You may be trying to boost your credibility; but your digital dirt degraded you.  Erase, minimize your digital dirt.

Clean it up.  Check your profiles.Check your usernames. Check your logo. Check your verbiage. Check your links; you may not be responsible for their content, but they’re attached to you. Check photos and comments you may have left on other’s pages, blogs, forums, or sites.  You may need to request their help to get them removed; if they agree.  Check your settings; everything need not be for all to see.  Check major search engines using your name in quotes to find information.

Others may possess your name; just be certain yours  does not surface with digital dirt.  Check yourself online to see what may be lurking in your past that is truly DIGITAL DIRT.

 You need to provide positive information to alleviate digital dirt.Your character and your integrity is at stake.  What you perceive as a great photo or awesome comment; may be the dirt that knocks you of your online feet. Your postings, comments, messages, and photo may tell a different story about you. They may identify dishonesty in your application, resume, and interview.  Their findings may not be discriminatory; just shocking and appalling. 

If you need to disclose something before they find it; make the choice to address it.  Your future may depend on it; your integrity is on the line. You may not get interviews nor job offers.  Don’t get angry; make better choices.  Your online activity is a  reflection of you, your values, your worth.

What would you do?

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Career Competition Got You Down?

Competition is here to stay.  We want to be at the top of our game in everything we do.     Searching for a job or starting a business requires hard work.  Is the glass half  full or half empty?

There are numerous competitors selling the same product or service; shoes, purses, makeup, perfumes, vitamin supplements, candles, and jewelry.   There a numerous affiliates. There are numerous competitors vying to fill their down lines.  Is choosing a competitive market a mistake for you?  Should your passion and ideas fall by the wayside?  Should your love of shoes, fashion, makeup, and jewelry not benefit you?  

Family, friends, peers, and others make comments and question concerning your career choice:

“You’re taking a risk.  I know someone who failed.  You’ll probably never rank in search engines. Your keywords won’t get you traffic.  Your website won’t get noticed.  You’re  offering the same thing.  You won’t have enough customers.  There is too much competition; find something else.  You won’t make any money. Your site won’t make it.  Don’t waste your time.”

Are you getting negative vibes from nonbelievers?   Is your confidence shaken?  What if you have considered all the odds?  What if you have researched it thoroughly?  Who says you can’t put all your eggs in one basket? What do you do?  Can you do it?  Can you make it work?  Can you make money among your competitors?   Do you believe you can achieve?  Why should they buy from you?  What is the value for your customers?

Research, research, research!  Plan, strategize; don’t stop. The choice is yours.  Everyone is not going to applaud your goals.  Everyone is not going to support your efforts.  Some will identify you as a failure from day one.

Don’t give up.  Don’t get depressed.  If you believe you can achieve; bring your uniqueness, creativity, and  passion to the table.  Make it happen.  Success is the best revenge.  All your eggs are in one basket.  How are you going to place them?

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Potty Training Needs Grant Funded Programs To Prevent Child Abuse!

According to the local news today;  so many children are killed nationwide during potty training years.   It was horrifying.  Our babies are being killed.  Parents are cracking during the potty training stage; and killing their babies.  What about a baby’s dirty diaper justifies a child’s pain and suffering?  There are numerous parenting programs that are supposed to be educating parents and reducing child abuse, and child abandonment.  Child Protective Services is targeting families to save our children.   How can a dirty diaper end a child’s life?   How can a soiled diaper or undergarment trigger hurting?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Said Finding A Job Would Be Easy?

Finding a job is more than submitting an application or a resume; and the phone automatically ringing.  Finding a job is more than sitting in front of an employer, or job recruiter.  Wake up to the real world. 

Something happened.   You were dressed for success.  You said what  the employer wanted to hear.  You were on top of the word when you left the interview.  You knew your job search was finally over. Read the rest of this entry »

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RSVP: Grant Proposals Not Properly Attired will be Rejected!

Grant Proposals Not Properly Attired Will Be Rejected!

  • Why are you writing your grant proposal?  Is it for the dollars or your mission?  You identified a grant opportunity to pursue.  Are you writing the grant because of the amount of dollars being allocated?  Are you writing the grant because you have identified a gap in programs and services?   Are you writing the grant just because?    Are you writing the grant because you see the outcome?  Writing your grant proposal for the right reasons will reflect in the finished product.  Writing your grant proposal for the right reasons will be defined in the results of your evaluative measures.  Grant money is not free money; it was given for a return on the investment through programs and services.

Who is the funder?  Do you know their philosophy?  Do you know their areas of interest?  What do you know about the funding source to help you prepare for review?  Funding source may be funding programs focused on bullying.  Funding source may be funding rural issues.  Funding source may be focused on the environment.  Funding source may be focused on abstinence.  Funding source may be focused on nutrition for school kids.  Funding source may be focused on certain target areas or target populations.  Read the proposal continuously to ensure a complete understanding.   

 Do you understand the funder’s requirements?  Deadline date means deadline date.  Ensure a postmarked before midnight of that date is acceptable.  Waiting to the last-minute can be a catastrophe when preparing your grant proposal for submission.  Attachments required means your proposal is incomplete without attachments.  No excuses when grants are competitive.  In today’s economy; don’t assume and don’t procrastinate.

 Do you understand the terminology in the grants solicitation?  Do you understand it in terms of preparing your grant proposal?  Different funding sources may use similar terms for a different response.  All grant solicitations are not the same.  A standardized grants response does not work.    Read it thoroughly.  Ensure you understand.

 Is your needs statement valid?   Your needs statement is the driving force of your grants proposal.  Your grants proposal justifies that needs statement.  It must match.  You must have your supporting documentation.  It must be realistic.  It must be factual.  Research, research, and more research to justify your grants request.  You need to include statistical data; not only the most recent.   The proof is definitely needed in this pudding.

Can you summarize your proposal in a brief abstract?  Can you provide an overview of the grants proposal; background and needs, methodologies, objectives, goals, budget?  Can you preparing a compelling summary for a review committee or just the grantor?  In a mass of grant proposals; your summary may determine whether or not your complete proposal is reviewed.  It could get rejected or accepted at this point.

  •  Dress your grant proposal for success.  The appearance is the first impression.  First impressions may be lasting impressions.  Dress your grant proposal for funding.  Success is the best revenge.  Get funded to make a difference.

Before you dress your grant for success; make sure you were invited.  Check the eligibility criteria.

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Grants? Economy? Why Forget About It?

Grants make a difference.  The economy is going through tough times.  Grant announcements are posted.   What you see is not always what you get.

Do your grants research.  Understand the funder’s philosophy.  Know the funding source’s priority. Don’t assume your grant will get funded.  Know something about the grantor; the more the better.

The sky is the limit; but your evaluative measure must be realistic in your grants.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground.   You may not be the only agency applying for grant money.  The funder’s vision may be bigger than just your purpose.  Read the grant proposal guidelines.   Read the grant guidelines.  Your proposal needs to stand above the rest.

Don’t over inflate your budget.  It has to make sense.  Don’t show greed in your grant proposal.  Don’t underestimate the budget versus the program or service.   A new building would be nice; but you may have to lease initially.  Purchasing vans would simplify using one location; but, you may need to look at satellite locations.   iPad would be awesome for staff; but, be grateful for a some laptops.  No cell phones; be glad office phones approved.  Read the grant proposal budget requirements.  Call if possible to ensure you fully understand.  Some grant funders will talk to you; some won’t. 

Procrastination will weaken your grant proposal.  Waiting to prepare your proposal may cause you to submit a lousy grant proposal.  Delaying may cause you to miss your deadline.   Grant money is precious.  You are not guaranteed grant money.  Competition is fierce.  YOU HAVE TO BRING IT TO GET FUNDED!

Write your proposal to be understood.  Organize your proposal.  The reviewers should not have to fumble through to understand.  Your grant proposal submission represents you and your plan if funded.  Write to paint a picture.  Remember the reviewers need to understand why you should receive grant money.  The reviewers need to understand through your grant proposal and attachments that you are credible and worthy of  accomplishing their goal.  They are the buying committee for your grant proposal.

Finding grants and writing grants can be overwhelming.  Don’t get frustrated.  Practice makes perfect.  Sharpen your skills.   Step up and get the grant money to make a difference.  Don’t get frustrated; the grant award could be yours.   Invest you in your success.

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