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Job Search Assumptions Slowing You Down?

Job search success requires thinking and preplanning.  Never forget this is a competiton.  Leave nothing to chance or you suffer the consequence of not getting the interview which leads to the job offer.  

How can you expect to find a job when:

You don’t receive job alerts

You don’t pick-up the FREE employment guides at your grocer.

You don’t read the job classified in the Sunday Paper.

You don’t read the job classifieds in the weekly paper.

You don’t search your state workforce site for employment opportunities.

You don’t tell family, friends, and others you encounter that you are searching for work.

You don’t network, network, and network.

You don’t use social media.

You don’t visit online job boards or virtual fairs.

You don’t register with career sites.

You don’t attend industry related events; conferences, associations, meet-ups.

You don’t research companies you’re interested in.

You don’t call to inquire.

You don’t brand yourself.

You don’t revise your resume.

You don’t match your resume to the position you seek.

You don’t portray yourself as an asset to a prospective employer.

You don’t prepare for a competitive job search; finding work is competitive.

Don’t get angry.  Turn your don’t into a do and increase your job search success.  Shirleyd @ SHINE cares.  Job search success can be attained.

What’s your story?


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Street Smart Grant Research!

Grants Search!  Why take it to the streets?

Grants Research Is Like Playing In The Streets!

Do you look out the window at whose playing?

Do you stand on the porch or stoop and watch whose playing?

Do you stand on the porch or stoop and  holler across at the players?

Do you stand in your driveway and observe the players.



If you don’t play; how do you truly know what to do?

Grants Research is based on an understanding of the process to know what to look for, what to do with it when you get it, and how to achieve your goal.  

Go with those who know; or get in the know.

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Grants? Economy? Why Forget About It?

Grants make a difference.  The economy is going through tough times.  Grant announcements are posted.   What you see is not always what you get.

Do your grants research.  Understand the funder’s philosophy.  Know the funding source’s priority. Don’t assume your grant will get funded.  Know something about the grantor; the more the better.

The sky is the limit; but your evaluative measure must be realistic in your grants.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground.   You may not be the only agency applying for grant money.  The funder’s vision may be bigger than just your purpose.  Read the grant proposal guidelines.   Read the grant guidelines.  Your proposal needs to stand above the rest.

Don’t over inflate your budget.  It has to make sense.  Don’t show greed in your grant proposal.  Don’t underestimate the budget versus the program or service.   A new building would be nice; but you may have to lease initially.  Purchasing vans would simplify using one location; but, you may need to look at satellite locations.   iPad would be awesome for staff; but, be grateful for a some laptops.  No cell phones; be glad office phones approved.  Read the grant proposal budget requirements.  Call if possible to ensure you fully understand.  Some grant funders will talk to you; some won’t. 

Procrastination will weaken your grant proposal.  Waiting to prepare your proposal may cause you to submit a lousy grant proposal.  Delaying may cause you to miss your deadline.   Grant money is precious.  You are not guaranteed grant money.  Competition is fierce.  YOU HAVE TO BRING IT TO GET FUNDED!

Write your proposal to be understood.  Organize your proposal.  The reviewers should not have to fumble through to understand.  Your grant proposal submission represents you and your plan if funded.  Write to paint a picture.  Remember the reviewers need to understand why you should receive grant money.  The reviewers need to understand through your grant proposal and attachments that you are credible and worthy of  accomplishing their goal.  They are the buying committee for your grant proposal.

Finding grants and writing grants can be overwhelming.  Don’t get frustrated.  Practice makes perfect.  Sharpen your skills.   Step up and get the grant money to make a difference.  Don’t get frustrated; the grant award could be yours.   Invest you in your success.

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Hats and Grants! They Need To Fit!

Your grant proposal should project a certain vision.  Your grant proposal should meet a special need.  You should write your grant proposal to fit the funder’s needs.

A hat requires assessing the need for it.   A grant proposal is based on an assessment.   The proposal must fit grantor’s situation.   The purpose, the event, and the shape of the hat is critical in selection process.   The organization of the paperwork is critical in the reviewer’s selection and rating process.   A grant proposal is requested for a purpose or cause; based on the anticipated event; and the shape or condition of the situation. 

Oe of my closest friends designed a beautiful hat to wear on the Royal Wedding Day as he watched the wedding in her home.    The writing of the grant proposal is designed based on the appropriateness to fit target groups, target populations, hard to serve, underserved, and other identified factors.  Grants must fit to get funded.  The writing of the grant proposal is based on choices to meet the need.   You wear a hat to fit the occasion.   The hat must look good.  The grant needs to be neat, organized, and appear appealing.

The beauty of a grant proposal is the perceived vision of the grant to meet an appropriate need.   If hats were not already popular; business is definitely booming thanks to the Royal Wedding and the abundance of beautiful hats adorning almost every female’s head.     Transform your hat to get the government grants foundation grants, private grants, school grant s! Transform your small business grant.

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OMG! Your Job Interview was TMI!

Congratulations!  Your resume sold you.  Now you have to finalize the sale during the interview.   What did you bring?

Some recommend a portfolio or brag book to show records of previous accomplishments.  Allow the interviewer to remember you.  Your brag book may be beneficial; but you close the deal.  You can produce credentials; awards, and high numbers.  If your interview is sitting there and flipping pages to make your point; you may have lost before you started.  What you accomplished at Company Y does not mean it will work for Company Z.   Just because it was an accomplishment for Company P does not mean it makes the grade for Company Q.  You can bring a portfolio or brag book.  I would wonder if this was part of a team.  I would wonder if you functioned autonomously.  I would wonder if you are taking credit for someone else’s work. I would wonder why it is so important to use a brag book for almost every question.  I would wonder why your responses are limited to what is in the book.  In this case; “the proof is not always in the pudding.”  Your portfolio or brag book would not automatically get you the job or a second interview.  I’ve seen applicants bring too much information; and get rejected.  I’ve seen applicants bring documentation; and not be able to clarify.  I’ve seen applicants bring information that was not approved for usage outside of the previous company.  Bringing a portfolio/brag book may not be a plus for some job interviews.   How would your portfolio/brag book work with an interview panel?

Some say bring, devices iPad, tablet to score additional points.  Showing your skills by bring the latest technology to an interview may cost you.  Time is of the essence.  First impressions are lasting.  Yes, the visual effects may be awesome.  You can’t leave the device with the interviewer.  The interviewer may not have time to try and retrieve your document.  The interviewer may not want to wait for you to print the document as an attachment to your resume.  Guess what?   The focus may leave the interview and the goal my be the joys of an ipad or tablet.  The issue of a position may be delayed or forgotten with your unique device.

Interviewers want to know your long range plan.  Interviewers want to know if you are an asset to the company.  They want to know if you will grow with the company.  They want to know what you bring to the table.  They want to know why they should select you.   On the flip side; they may want to know if you are after their job.  They may use your suggestions and ideas; but, hire someone else.   You want to highlight what you have accomplished; buy, your ideas and strategies would be a judgment call during the interview.  

You should be familiar with the company and their industry.  You should do your homework.  You should be able to have a basic working knowledge of the company.  You need to determine if this is where you want to work.

During the interview or at the end; you get a turn.  You should prepare a list of questions.  You have the opportunity to get answers.  Ask the right questions.  This is a two way process.  They may want you.  Do you want them?

Are you frustrated with the job interview process?  Do you believe your work history speaks for itself?  Do you believe your credentials, awards, and accomplishments should guarantee you the position?  Are you angry you didn’t get the second interview or a call back?  What are you going to do?  Get revenge by understanding how to interview effectively.  Do your research.

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Schools are not where they need to be! Wakeup!

You can give until you have nothing left.  Our schools and our children’s needs in a learning environment continues to escalate.  Local, state, federal, or private grants can have an impact on our children’s future.  Parents, educators, and communities need to collaborate.  Be an advocate for your school.  Schools need grants.    What can a grant do for our school children? 

  • A grant can ensure no child is left behind.
  • A grant can implement technology programs in schools.
  • A grant can bring computers to their classroom.
  • A grant can bring up-to-date software to their classrooms.
  • A grant can provide online resources for our children.
  • A grant can enhance their learning skills.
  • A grant can improve literacy.
  • A grant can bring new courses to the classrooms.
  • A grant can make classes challenging.
  • A grant can enhance science programs.
  • A grant can boost math programs.
  • A grant can implement initiatives to advance the engineering program.
  • A grant can provide supplies and equipment the classroom.
  • A grant can improve provide more books and equipment for the school library.
  • A grant can improve the Arts Programs at school.
  • A grant can bring music programs to school.
  • A grant can provide abstinence and pregnancy prevention programs in schools,
  • A grant can improve test scores.
  • A grant can provide for additional tutoring.
  • A grant can provide learning labs.
  • A grant can provide academic enrichment programs.
  • A grant can provide
  • A grant can improve our children’s social skills.
  • A grant can improve our children’s life skills.
  • A grant can improve problem solving skills.
  • A grant can provide anger management programs.
  • A grant can improve cultural sensitivity and cultural competence.
  • A grant can provide substance abuse prevention and intervention programs.
  • A grant can bring new language programs to classrooms.
  • A grant can education to prevent bullying.
  • A grant can improve our children’s safety.
  • A grant can education on internet safety.
  • A grant can enhance a mentoring program.
  • A grant can bring special needs programs to school.
  • A grant can improve in school retention.
  • A grant can decrease the dropout rate.
  • A grant can improve parent-teacher relationships.
  • A grant can provide before school programs.
  • A grant can provide afterschool activities.
  • A grant can improve playground equipment.
  • A grant can fund field trips.
  • A grant can provide extracurricular activities.
  • A grant can provide incentives.
  • A grant can improve a school’s rating.
  • A grant can cause our children to believe.
  • A grant can cause our children to achieve.
  • A grant can cause our children to think outside the box.
  • A grant can cause our children to lead; not just follow.   The list endless.    When you receive letters or request to help your school; don’t get mad.  Getting even is working with them.   We all have a working knowledge of fundraising and grant opportunities to make our schools better.    Success is the school accessing programs and services for the betterment of the children. 


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Social Networking to get a job! Says who?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and maybe MySpace has increased your pool of who knows who. You even know about employment opportunities and workplace history. You chat about the good, the bad, and even the ugly of companies. You laugh as you take it all in. You may have a job. It may not be your dream job.  Through your social network; you hear about high turnovers, bad bosses, promotions, benefits, and job openings. Read the rest of this entry »

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