Resumes In The Race

Reality check!  Your resume is competive.  Parkour is a noncompetitive sport.

Both focus on movement and obstacles with different goals in mine.

Your resume is not free running.

Your resume requires structure, thought, and your history.

You don’t jump up grab a resume and automatically run the obstacle course to your goal.

You think it through, prepare, and strategize to complete the obstacle course  with select targets to hear;  “you’re hired“.

You need to reach the finish line through a competitive process.   

Your resume may be left at the starting line. 

 Your resume may be thrown out before it reaches the finish line. 

Don’t get frustrated in preparing your resume; and freerun a course that doesn’t work.

Success is the best revenge; preparation and planning to hear; “you’re hired”.

Learn more about parkour.

Learn about effective resumes.

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