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Career Goals – Being Angry For Success Is A Trigger

As an unemployed person; job searching and be overwhelming.  Anyone can begin to doubt their skills, abilities, industry; causing them to feel helpless and hopeless.  You can have the support of family, friends, and significant others; yet, frustrations may emerge during your job search process.

 Transportation can make you angry.  Triggers are listed to help you identify some situations that unknowingly throw a wrench in your job search process.  Knowing these triggers and controlling the thoughts and feelings derived from these situations will control negative behaviors that are affecting your job search success which impacts your career goals.

 1.    Your car needs gas.  You run out the door to start the car.  Your tank is on empty. You’re running late.  The company is handing out job applications during a certain time period.  You are banging and stomping as you try to squeeze the last few drops to make it to the closest gas pump.

 2.     The gas lines are long.  You waited until the last minute to get the gas.  You are caught in morning traffic, lunch hour traffic, or evening rush hour traffic.  You are fussing and using choice words as you attempt to make it through the traffic in a timely manner.

3.    The price of gas is too high.  Your funds are limited.   You are frustrated because it will take more than a few dollars to pay for gas.  You can make it there and back; but, you don’t have enough gas for the job interview or to retrieve any more job applications.

 4.    You parked at a pump that is out of order.   You jump out the car; frantically searching for your debit or credit card.  You’re almost out of breath; using choice words.  You go to insert your card; and you see tape across the slot.  You are peeved.  You jump in your car to find another gas pump; and they’re all taken.  You can’t leave.  You don’t have enough gas to go any further.  You have to wait.  You are fussing about the pump not working; not knowing until you got out of your car; and being late to get the application. 

 5.   You need to borrow money to get the gas.     You are perturbed because you have to borrow money to get gas to do some local job searching.  You asked several friends and family members.  They could not help you.   They even asked what happened to your money.  They questioned your spending habits.  You don’t believe they want to help you.  You don’t believe they care.  You are very upset.  You are at your wit’s end.  You need money for gas desperately. 

 6.    You need a ride to job search.     You were promised a ride.  Your friend didn’t show up.    No one is answering their friend.  You are in a rage.  You asked a few days ago; and they promised you that they would be there.

Your emotions are creating hostilities during your job search process.  These hostilities are a result of poor planning during your job search process.    You have to prepare a job search checklist.  You have to be realistic; and accountable.  You need to identify what you have; what is required; and what will be needed to ensure a successful job search.  You are the one needing a job.  You need to assess your situation; and get the right support and services to alleviate these stressors which lead to anger.  Your anger for success accomplished nothing but less chances of getting hired.

 Transportation vouchers and resources are available in some cities and counties to assist you during your job search endeavors.  Don’t wait; procrastination may cost you the job.   Get your gas ahead of schedule.  Keep gas in your vehicle.  Penny pinch to afford the gas.  You need to budget for gas. If you need to borrow from a family member or friend; borrow in advance of the event.  If you are relying on a ride; ensure it is a reliable ride.

You can contact local United Way agencies, Goodwill, state workforce agencies, community based organizations, churches, and parishes for assistance. There are available resources to reduce your frustrations that a lead to anger that hinders a successful job search.

 I am Shirleyd of SHINE; providing career education to recreate careers and reinvent ourselves; wholistically.


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The Yellow Brick Road To Employment

The yellow brick road is not an easy path.  This can be a difficult  journey.  Finding a job down the yellow brick road can be just as difficult

Searching for a job?     You are not alone.  How do you find your way?   Where is your starting point?  Are you sure that’s where you started?  Do you know how to begin an effective job search?    Have you ever looked for a job?  How many years has it been since you had to find employment?     It was easy then; so you know it is easy now.    You got friends; so you don’t stress.    You know people who know people; so you got this.

Where is your plan of action?  When did your goal begin?  Do you really know?  You want a job.  Where do you start?  When did you determine you needed a job.  Where did the want start?  Did the need for food, clothing, and shelter create a desire to want a job?  Do you have a plan?  Where did your map begin?  What route are you taking to reach your destination?

You may not need a map.  Yet, you need a job.  To reach the end; you need a starting point.  You have a starting point; you need a direction.  Frustrating!   Take a deep breath; and pursue employment with structure.  Application,  resume, interview, presentation,  be prepared.   Unemployment rate hasn’t changed since September 2011.  Do your research.  Get help from the workforce centers, faith based organizations, mentors, United Way and others who want you to find stable employment.  Add them to your map.  This is a journey.

Have you found your path on the yellow brick road?   Prepare and plan. Success Is Revenge.


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Maybe You Can’t Get Hired? You Seem To Be A Discouraged Worker!

Bureau of Labor statistics identifies you as a discouraged worker because YOU haven’t looked for work, 

Apparently; you don’t believe any jobs are available to you! 

Why did you stop looking for work?  Do you know how to effectively job search? What caused you to lose hope?  Why are you feeling helpless?  Why are doors shutting when you open them?  Why is the rug being pulled from under you when opportunities exist?  Have you done a self assessment?  What are your qualifications?   What is your level of education?  High school graduate? GED?  Some college?  College graduate?  Vocational school?  What do you bring to the table?  Certifications?  Credentials?  Overqualified?  Underqualified?

What did you wear to pick up applications?  What did you wear when you turned in applications? Did you look neat and clean?  Did you dress for success?  Did you make eye contact with the receptionist?  Did you frown or scowl at the receptionist?  Did you vent with the receptionist?  Did your appearance fit the position you were applying for?  Piercings?  Tattoos?

Did you share all your troubles with the receptionist?  Was your application print, cursive, or typed?  Was your application legible?  Did you show desperation to the reception?  You may have submitted your application to a clerk or an inbox.  Were you loud?  Did others accompany?   What remarks could observers have made to the hiring personnel.  First impressions are lasting.  They can definitely have an impact.

How many job searches have you done on a weekly basis?  Do you job search daily?  Do you find positions; yet lack motivation to pursue.  Do you apply for jobs online?  Do you access weekly employment guides?  Do you follow-up on job announcements from your local tv stations?  

Is your job application honest?  Does your job application consist of gaps?  Do you know how to fill out a job application?  Do you need help?  Are you afraid?

Discouraged? Angry?  Don’t be.  Your workforce center is available whether or not you receive unemployment benefits.  There are too many organizations and agencies ready and willing to help you find a stable job.  Contact your local United Way for a listing of agencies that can assist you.  Step up.  Get hired.  Don’t be discouraged; be encouraged.  Success is the best revenge. 

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Back To School Agenda! Get A Career!

Kids are going back to school?  Where are you going?  Parents, guardians, caregivers, are you returning to college?  Did you spend the summer strengthening your relationship with your child?    Did you enjoy Sea World, the zoo, the beach, the movies, and a lot of fast food?   Have you finished purchasing school supplies?   Did you purchase uniforms or did you have to spend a lot of dollars to create a new wardrobe for the children?

You purchased the school agenda for the children.  What’s your agenda?  You plan on finding a job?  Where’s your resume?  Oh, you don’t need one.  You’ve decided to just fill out an application.  During a time when unemployment is high; you believe your experience on a job application will get you in the door.  The job announcements had job applications; but, they mentioned resumes were accepted or required.  You just want a job.  You know you can do it.  You have experience.  You have applied and gotten hired before with no problem.  Your salary was not in the range you desired; but it was income.

 How does your application stand out?  The format is designed for limited information.  You just fill it in.  You cannot shine the way you desire.  You are in a bowl of peanuts.  You all look like cashews; no difference.

 How does your application market your skills?  You fill in the requested lines or square.  You may not be able to highlight your assets.  You are looking for a JOB like everyone else.

 The job application does not define you.  It does not identify why you are the one.  It does not sell you.  It does not put you ahead of the other job applications.  It may get you considered.  It may not be reviewed.  Your applications are the same format in a PILE.

Unemployment is high.  Competition is out there.  You are not alone in the job market.

  Frustrated?  The phone hasn’t rung.  You haven’t received an email.  Don’t get mad.  Prepare a resume that sells.  Shine above the rest.  Success is the best revenge.  The phone is ringing.  Go to your job interview.  Market yourself. Get hired.

What are you going to do?

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Your Boss! Every Name but a Nice Name!

What a boss!  He calls the shots.  He decides if you stay or if you go.  He needs the job done.  You need to earn a living.  Are you indispensable?  Are you just a number on the production line?  Are you one of the brains utilized to manage the operation?  Are you part of a team that needs to function as one.    Do you function autonomously or do you just follow orders?  Have your ideas become his?    Does he take credit for your work?  Does he just kick back and bark?   Does he play the fame when the big bosses are around?  Are you scared to cry wolf?  Are you scared he will continue his tirades and you will become unemployed?  Do you believe you could be denied unemployment benefits?   Do you feel helpless and hopeless?   Are you frustrated?  Are you beginning to think irrationally on solving this situation?  Are you becoming desperate?  Are you looking for a way out?  Do you enjoy your job?  Do you want to remain with this company?  Do you have value?  Are you credible?  How are your performance ratings?  How is your attendance?    Do you know what to do?   How long do you plan to endure?  Will this be your work environment for the rest of your work life?

He is your boss. Does his name fit the bark?  His bark may be her bark.   Your boss can be either gender and can portray these negative behaviors.   This is your workplace.  What will your frustration lead to?  Will your anger cause you to jeopardize your career?  Will your anger cause you to get smart?  Success truly is the best revenge with the information you need to take the right stand the right way.

Food for thought:  perception, communication, policy, procedure, rights, environment, fair, hostile, bullying, intimidation, complaint, harassment, discrimination, equal opportunity, memo for records, reporting officials, grievance procedures, supervisors, chain of command.

Don’t settle for less.  If the shoe fit; don’t hit, use your wit.  Exercise your rights.

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